Goat Bios


Sir Lancelot

Cashgora, wether

One of our first kids on the ranch that arrived with Guinevere, Lancelot is the prince of our herd. He is a bold, curious, and confident leader that acts all tough until he melts into your arms for a hug. He excels at a steady and leisurely pace up the trail, while also scanning the area for convenient weeds to grab. His lovely fiber locks attract admirers on the trail!


Lady Guinevere

Nubian, doe 

aka Lady G, this little girl is our wonder kid! She is a daredevil for adventure and will tackle whatever obstacle is thrown at her. She is a very sweet and trusting goat that loves to hang out with people. Abandoned by her mother, we adopted her as a bottle baby and she was one of the first goats on the ranch. We’re so blessed to have her as part of the family!



Nubian/Alpine, wether

Bonsai is the complete package of swagger and charisma. Starting off as the runt, he quickly grew into a handsome guy that is full of personality! He is always looking for the next adventure and is our herd instigator! Don’t you love those airplane ears?



Alpine/Nubian/Guernsey, wether

Percy is our dashing goat that is fun and easy going. With his golden coat and black markings, he considers himself the “fairest of them all.” He has great leash manners and is always a “cup half full” kind of guy.

Professor Wiggins

La Mancha/Alpine, wether

Wiggins is our professional snuggler and can hold you captive with his sweet demeanor. Considered our "scholarly" goat, he will happily rest his head on your knee and help you contemplate life. Who can resist that sweet face?  


La Mancha/Alpine, wether

Alec and his brother, Baldwin, are the ultimate hiking companions! Alec is the white “angelic” brother that is always aiming to please. He has such nice manners along with the athleticism and willingness to go the distance. He's usually my go-to guy for testing out new trails. 


La Mancha/Alpine, wether

This goofy guy will quickly win you over. Baldwin is flashy and devious - often looking for harmless trouble while his brother, Alec, runs to tell on him. He loves the adventure of hiking and is willing to follow you wherever you go. Baldwin doesn't shy away from a challenge and has the bold personality to face whatever is on the trail.



Nubian, Doe

Sweet Natasha is the smallest in our herd and is considered our "basset hound" with her extra long ears that often drag on the ground. After her mother died from pneumonia, she and her brother, Romanoff, were brought to our ranch. It didn't take long before she warmed up to people and started giving everyone kisses! Reminiscent to a basset hound, you can hear her cries of "wait up!" as she races to join the herd. 



Nubian, wether 

As Natasha's "bigger" brother, Roman steals the spotlight with his oreo markings. He quietly hangs out in the background, but welcomes the attention and enjoys the hugs. 



Nubian, Doe

Quickly becoming our herd diva, Genevieve has quite an influence over the boys! They're practically falling head over heals for her. She is a master at playing coy, but she will pause to appreciate human attention... you just have to seek her out first. 



Nubian, Wether

Although it took a while to convince Camelot that humans weren't terrifying monsters, he has now decided that we are pretty awesome! Having emerged from his sister's shadow (Genevieve), it's so much fun to see his personality become more vibrant with each passing day. He will now be the first one to greet you at the gate! 



Nubian, Doeling

Ariel is our newest arrival with her brother Sebastian. This girl is full of so much life and sass - she is the epitome of a fiery redhead. Coming to the ranch as orphans, she and her brother have become such wonderful additions! 



Nubian, Wether

Complimenting his sister's fiery personality (Ariel), Sebastian is thoughtful and sits back to watch his sister's crazy stunts, as if he's a designated lifeguard. He aims to please and loves to pause for attention.