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Goat Snuggle Session

Need to get away and have a goat "therapy" session? Escape to our 16 goats that would love nothing more than to make you the center of their attention. They give the best hugs!

30 minute session

$30 per group

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Goat Experience

Get a well-rounded dose of goats! We start with herd introductions, a snuggle session, and then we take the goats for a stroll through the trees and along the water's edge. You'll have an opportunity to learn about goat care-taking, health, and behavior. 

Pricing varies on group number


Goat Hiking

Enhance the trail experience with a goat by your side! Reminiscent to walking a dog, our goats are leash trained and love to explore nature with you. 


Contact us for more details and pricing. 

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