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Horse Bios



Breed: Saddlebred & Arabian, aka National Show Horse

Color: Tri colored Tobiano

Age: 12

Bentley is our flashy little super star of a horse. Having been adopted from Colorado Horse Rescue (CHR) and started later in life, he embraces new challenges with style. Trained in jumping, dressage, and limited distance endurance, Bentley will tell you that his favorite activity is heading down the trail. We often catch him looking at the trailer with longing for another adventure. 

Ladybug .jpg


Breed: Suffolk Punch

Color: Sorrel

Age: Approx. 18

Having risen from a neglectful situation with the amazing efforts of animal control and the Colorado Horse Rescue (CHR), Ladybug now thrives with all of the love and attention she receives at our ranch. As a new addition to the herd, she quickly became the lead mare, but her patience and compassion towards people continues to amaze us. She is a fantastic teacher on the ground and in the saddle, and loves the adventure of trail rides. 



Breed: Arabian

Color: Bay

Age: 16ish

Dorothy is our sweetest new addition. We pulled her off the kill lot in Peabody, Kansas on 9/19/21 and she has healed up beautifully from a respiratory infection, parasite load, and emaciation. This cute girl has a nice training foundation, has a soft spot for little kids, and will happily walk over to greet you. 



Breed: Peruvian Paso

Color: Palomino

Age: 9

Anastasia is a lovely new training project that came to us from an unexpected place. She's a stunning lady with such a unique gait. This lady has a very regal and sweet personality, but her trust must be earned before being approached. 


Daisy Mae

Breed: Mangalarga, Paso Fino & 

Missouri Foxtrotter cross

Color: Bay

Age: 1

Daisy is as sweet as can be! She loves to play and is the first to greet you in the pasture. She has a lot of growing up to do, but we can't wait to see how this lovely & charming lady will blossom! 


Anjel Fyre

Breed: Arabian

Color: Gray

Age: 24

RIP, Sweet Anjel went to heaven 9/11/21. She was a treasure and will always be missed. 

Anjel is a gorgeous mare that came to us on a long-term lease from a dear friend. This sweet lady loves to move and is a great teacher for our more advanced students. Don't let her age fool you - at 22 years young, this lady has no intention of slowing down! If anything, she's speeding up!



Breed: Arabian

Color: Bay

Age: 14

Legend is my personal horse that still has a lot to learn. Also having come from CHR, he's a friendly and charming guy that will happily greet you in the pasture. He is not used in the lesson program, but is a great teaching assistant and demo horse. He's quite the show off and will hopefully flourish as an endurance horse. 



Breed: AraAppaloosa

Color: Gray

Age: 9

Theo is a flashy guy that recently found his home here at BYHR. Having been saved from a dire fate at the kill pen, he was brought in for training and his loving owner thought it best that he stay with us permanently. This guy has a long way to go in his education, but I'm confident he'll soon become a one in a million horse. 

Faith dashing.jpg


Breed: Arabian

Color: Black

Age: 12ish

We found Faith on a kill lot 2 weeks before Christmas in 2020, and just had to save her! Hence, she was a leap of faith, buying her sight unseen. This dark beauty has already come so far, both in health and training. Faith is now living her best life with a dear friend in Boulder. 

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