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Horsemanship Lessons

The focus of these lessons is to understand horse psychology, body language and leadership on the ground, which is then applied to the saddle. I emphasize kind horsemanship, earning mutual love & respect between horse and handler. From there, students are given the opportunity to take what they've learned out on trails along the front range. They can also dive into jumping, dressage, endurance, and competitive trail riding.

Here's a sneak peak of how our lessons are structured: 

  • Catching horse in pasture

  • Learn to tie and groom 

  • Groundwork (leading, lunging, yield on forehand & haunches, etc.)

  • Liberty work

  • Obstacle Course

  • Transition to riding after a relationship has been established on the ground

  • We also have seasonal activities: i.e. swimming with horses in the lake (usually late summer, early fall) and horse camping

$55/hour lesson

Ages 8+

This can be a perfect gift for a special someone. Gift certificates available.


 A majority of students come out to learn how to work with horses for the shear joy of it and to experience a very special relationship with these amazing animals. If there's a specific disciple  that students express interest with showing in, we will certainly explore the opportunity! Whether it's a competitive trail ride, dressage show, etc. We all aim to be supportive of each other and make it a positive experience, so horse shows and competitions are not our primary focus. 


In Biblical times, horses were considered a powerful ally for winning wars. It says in 1 Kings 4:26 that King Solomon had 40,000 horse stalls! Today, we might not be charging into battle with them, but they can still help us overcome personal enemies such as insecurity, fear, doubt, and pride. God can teach us a lot through horses! 

Trail Rides


Students can graduate to trail rides after they gain confidence and ​are adept on the ground and in the saddle. We have grand adventures along the front range and in the national park! 

Additional education includes:

  • How to prepare for a trail ride (what to bring) 

  • Safely load horses in trailer

  • First aid 

  • Strategies to tie the horses in and out of the trailer

  • Understand trail etiquette 

  • Encounter various obstacles that make trail riding exciting

  • Enjoy the stunning views and adventure! There's rarely a dull moment. 

Jessie & Bentley
Taylor & Bentley
Lexi & Bentley
Brady & Ladybug
Koli & Kinsley
Bentley & Susan
Shelby & Arwen
Lesson pic 7
Lesson pic 3
Susan & Arwen
Kai & Bentley
Lesson pic 5
Lesson pic 2
Chris & Bentley
Anjel & Koli
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