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Horses have a sense of calm and gentleness that is truly admirable.  Ever since I was a little girl, I sensed this and wanted to learn how to ride.  As a teenager, I had several opportunities, and this just made the desire stronger.  As an adult, life happened, and daily responsibilities put this dream in the background.  

But it is never too late!!  I am now at a point in life where I can slow things down a bit and take some time for myself.  I had the good fortune of meeting the folks at Bless Your Heart Ranch and decided to dedicate the time to learn.  Their approach is holistic and teaches you as much about yourself as it does about your horse. They begin with the basics – how to care for your horse, how to prep them for riding, etc.  Groundwork lessons gave me the foundation of how to communicate with a horse. Liberty gave huge insight into how they think. Both groundwork and liberty have not only given me more confidence in the saddle, but more importantly provided me with a more solid understanding of not only how to relate to and respect my horse, but also how my horse perceives me.  I have not only improved in my riding since starting, but my relationship with my horse is a more trusting and fulfilling one for both of us.

The teaching style is warm and inviting.  Focus is on the positive, setting you and your horse up for success.  In all my lessons, I am encouraged to ask questions (even if I asked them before) and have fun (and yes…..when you get to the lesson on “catching your horse in the pasture” it is a lot of fun!).  She is very in tune with both student and horse, knowing when to gently nudge for more and when to take a break. The depth and breadth of the knowledge that the trainer possesses is fantastic and something that she gracefully shares with her students.   

-Lou and her horse Romeo

Our family loves to travel but we never felt comfortable leaving our pets behind. After meeting Brooke that has all changed !! It can be so stressful to worry about who you are leaving when you spend time away, unless you find that animal person . Brooke has set our minds at ease.  The level of care she gives to 2 horses , 3 cats and a very  energetic Australian Shepherd has been wonderful!  Her way with God’s creatures is truly a gift.   Our puppy was ill while we were away and she handled the situation with ease and took care of veterinarian appointments and meds too . When we come home after Brooke has been there my horse pens are cleaner than when we left ! Her attention to detail is what sets her apart from other critter sitters 😊


The Nissen family 

Berthoud Colorado 

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